Anthony Mason, RIP: Knicks NBA Legend Passes Away at the Age of 48 [VIDEO]

Actually, a lot of cities are going to be mourning Mason as a former player today. He was with six different teams during his 13 seasons in the NBA–but that was a hell of a stint with the Knicks. Pat Riley saved Mason from a wandering career by bringing him to NYC, where Mason joined up with Charles Oakley and Patrick Ewing and Charles Oakley to form one of the scariest front lines in the NBA.
It was kind of a shock when the Knicks gave up on Mason in 1996. He ended up in Charlotte, but eventually reunited with Riley in Miami. Mason wan’t shy about expressing his disappointment when he didn’t feel appreciated–but he was also great with the fans. Here’s a video that’ll give you an idea of how Mason didn’t let his seasons as a superstar keep him from being a regular guy, too. We’re going to miss seeing him at the occasional Knicks game…

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