Wilmington Blue Rocks Offer Tickets For 4 Cents Each

wilmington blue rocks

It has been a rare time in the South with freezing cold weather, ice and snow. The Wilmington Blue Rocks, who are the Class A affiliate of the Kansas City Royals, decided they were going to have fun with the abnormal cold weather. The team offered tickets to Opening Day at the temperature it was at 8 a.m. Monday morning. The temperature at that point was four degrees. That meant tickets were being sold for four cents each.

The team sold 3,600 tickets in the process and even had some fans who took advantage of the fact that they could buy eight tickets and had to pay just 32 cents for all of them. Tickets are normally $6 for general admission and $11 for field box seats. Last season, the team did a similar promotion and tickets ended up being sold for 20 cents each.

The Blue Rocks should probably be happy that it didn’t get below zero on Monday morning or those tickets were going to end up being free. It was a good way though to get fans paying attention to baseball season and warmer weather while they freeze during an unusually cold middle of February all over the United States.

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