IU Beta Theta Pi Helped Sweep Away Disease With Broomball 2015 Party [VIDEO]

Last weekend, Indiana University‘s Beta Theta Pi hosted a fantastic philanthropy event to benefit Dropping The Puck. It was a success not just because it raised over $5K for the charity, but also because it looked like everyone had a blast.
It looked a little chilly, but nothing a beer jacket can’t handle. Plus when you’ve got tons of chicks surrounding you jumping up and screaming things get a little warmer.
The idea of hosting a philanthropy event and then inviting sororities to compete against each other in fun darty games will never get old.
Incoming freshmen at IU, take note of Beta Theta Pi. Not only do they have one of the greatest fraternity houses in the Midwest, it looks like they know how to put their grounds to best use.
H/T: 10Worthy (formerly Big10Tens.com)

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UF's Delta Tau Delta Spring Photo Is Patriotic AF [PHOTO]
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