High There Is A Dating App For Weed Smokers

High There is a new dating app specifically aimed at helping potheads hook up. It comes from Denver–of course–and is currently available for free on the Android Store (it’s coming to the Apple Store soon).

So what exactly does it do? The easiest way to think about the app is that it’s like Tinder, only for marijuana enthusiasts. After downloading and installing the app, High There will prompt you with a few questions, such as how much energy do you have after smoking, how do you like to consume marijuana, and what do you like to do after blazing? Then it’ll try and connect you to nearby users.

You can search for men, women, or both–depending on what you’re looking for. The only hook is that it’s only available in states where marijuana is either legal or decriminalized.

Here in NYC it looked like there were plenty of users with whom we could smoke with, and a few who we’d like to smoke with.

No Bachelor Pad Is Complete Without A Main Drain
No Bachelor Pad Is Complete Without A Main Drain
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