"Madden NFL" Predicts Exact Patriots Winning Score, Exact New England Rally To Win

There were plenty of predictions about Super Bowl XLIX including one done with the “Madden NFL” video game. However, this one around, the video game must have known the future though as the game predicted that the Patriots would beat the Seahawks 28-24 which was the exact final score along with predicting the Patriots would rally from 24-14 behind to win which also happened.

The game had Tom Brady with 335 passing yards and four touchdowns while winning MVP. He finished with 328 yards, four touchdowns and the MVP. The game said Brady’s touchdown to win the game would go to Julian Edelman which it did. Edelman was predicted to have 106 receiving yards on eight catches. He actually finished with nine catches for 109 yards.


It is truly the creepiest thing to ever come out of a video game. How on earth did the video game get this so perfectly predicted? The game has been very good at predicting Super Bowl winners with an 8-3 record going into Super Bowl XLIX. There are going to be people flying to Las Vegas now as soon as the game’s Super Bowl 50 prediction comes out.

Super Bowl 2015: Score, Stats & Live Updates
Super Bowl 2015: Score, Stats & Live Updates
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