Dartmouth Cracks Down on Partying with Hard Liquor Ban

Late last night Philip Hanlon, president of Dartmouth College, announced plans to reform social life at the Ivy League school by banning hard liquor on campus and introducing a mandatory four-year sexual violence prevention and education program for students. The plan, deemed “Moving Dartmouth Forward,” was formed from recommendations of a committee of students, alumni, and staff.
The new alcohol restrictions are set to be implemented by the end of March when the spring term begins. The trend is becoming increasingly popular amongst colleges throughout the nation, Colby, Bowdoin, and Providence schools already being ahead of the game.
Under the new regulations, students found with hard liquor that is 30 proof or stronger will be penalized, and those carrying something more potent will receive a harsher penalty. Hanlon also hopes this will transform Greek life on campus; organizations will be able to induct new members but will be prohibited from participating in pledging. If a big enough change does not register, the Dartmouth alum and Alpha Delta member subtly stated he’d take harsher measures in order to ensure students safety:
“If in the next three to five years, the Greek system does not engage in meaningful, lasting reform, and we are unsuccessful in sharply curbing harmful behaviors, we will need to revisit its continuation on our campus.”
While terminating Greek life seems highly unlikely, advocates for the idea have surprisingly stepped forward.
[H/T: NPR, Boston Globe]

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