2015 Super Bowl Ticket Prices Explode: Most Expensive Ever

As of 2:15 PM today, it will cost you $9,780.25 per ticket just to get in the door at Super Bowl XLIX, making it the most expensive Super Bowl ticket in the history of Super Bowl tickets by 2X. Why are ticket prices skyrocketing to such insane heights in 2015?  Broker Jimmy Williams from International Events says it’s based on three factors that have ultimately created a perfect storm:
• To start with, brokers severely underestimated demand and have sold incredibly short based on past Super Bowls in Phoenix. Historically, Phoenix creates a very cheap ticket.
• The second factor is Seattle. In large, Seahawks fans did not travel well in 2014 due to bad weather and initial high hotel and travel fees to NYC.  This year, it’s a two-hour flight to a warm weather destination and the fans are traveling in droves.

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• Third: capacity. The University of Phoenix Stadium holds more than 10,000 less seats than last year’s Met Life Stadium.

According to Bloomberg Business, ticket prices have tended to plateau around the $4,000 mark, then decrease closer to game day when last-minute buyers try to snag leftovers. At this rate, the verdict is still out on whether or not that’s likely to happen this year. The chances of last-minute tickets staying at the astronomical price of nearly $10,000 seems low, but then again, so do the chances of ticket prices getting that high to begin with. You’re better off nursing your Arizona FOMO in the comfort of your own home, with your newly bought 90” TV (saving nearly 10K does wonders) and a shitload of beer. Things could definitely be worse.

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