Golden State Warriors To Wear Chinese New Year Uniforms

The NBA would love to see their game expand more in other countries. The Golden State Warriors are going to help with that cause as the team will wear special Chinese New Year uniforms on Feb. 20 in a game that will be broadcast on closed-circuit television in China. Here is a look at the jerseys via the Warriors’ Twitter feed.

The team will wear the jerseys for that game and for three additional games. It had been previously announced that the Houston Rockets would wear a Chinese New Year jersey on Feb. 21. It is definitely a way to grow the game in China. The game there is soaring in popularity and was helped by the career of Yao Ming many years ago.

There will be a point in time where more teams decide to honor the cultures of other countries with their uniforms. The Warriors and Rockets are at the forefront of that trend. The fans in the United States may have some issues figuring out what is on the front of the Warriors’ uniforms but if it brings in more money around the world, the team isn’t going to have any problem with it.

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