ESPN Analyst Recommends College Recruit, Links To Adult Website on Twitter


ESPN National Recruiting Analyst Gerry Hamilton got a little too excited about one of the recruits that he was covering yesterday. He put an update via his Twitter account, and he added a link to a video from one of the nation’s leading adult websites. We can’t imagine how a link to a clip from an adult website ended up saved to Gerry’s computer, or iPhone, or whatever. It’s just one of those bizarre electronic glitches that can never be explained.
Or that’s what we’d be telling our girlfriends. We’re pretty sure that Gerry Hamilton just likes watching adult video clips. And the one that he linked to isn’t anything particularly embarrassing. It’s not the most wholesome thing we’ve ever seen, but it’s not like some of the things that COED could accidentally link to on Twitter. Man, we have to stay careful about that.
Oh, and Hamilton meant to link to this. It’s just ESPN football stuff. The guy didn’t try explaining that other tweet that he deleted. He just put that same tweet back up with the right link. Why dwell on it, right? Also, it turns out that having a verified Twitter account isn’t always so great.

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