City Of St. Louis Worried Rams Owner Stan Kroenke Isn't Answering Their Calls

The city of St. Louis says that they have a problem ahead of them. After Rams owner Stan Kroenke announced plans on Monday to build a NFL stadium in Los Angeles, it looked very possible that the team would be moving west sooner than later. That possibility appears to be growing since city officials said on Wednesday that Kroenke isn’t returning their calls and Missouri governor Jay Nixon said that “St. Louis is an NFL city. I don’t think it’s too late to keep the Rams.”
This is forcing the city to work directly with the NFL trying to keep the Rams in town or getting another team to move to town. The fact that Kroenke isn’t returning calls is the most troubling part of the story. He clearly wants to move the team out west with his new stadium and may even have the Rams play in a temporary stadium while the other one is built.
The question that will be asked now though is what happens if the Rams do indeed move? Is an existing team going to move to St. Louis? Does the NFL decide to add an expansion team for St. Louis and possibly another team in the process? The team has sold out every game for a long time until their recent struggles without a winning record in over a decade. Something big is about to happen in St. Louis and who knows what the conclusion will be.

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