People’s Choice Awards 2015: Best Red Carpet Photos

 People's Choice Awards 2015 Red Carpet Photos Heidi Klum Jessica Alba

Heidi Klum made a helluva impression at the 2015 People’s Choice Awards, and we can’t even remember if she was nominated for anything. We can’t remember any of the People’s Choice Awards winners for 2015, either. Frankly, it was kind of hard to concentrate after certain celebs were done hitting the red carpet. [photo: Christopher Polk/Getty]

We have lots of photos of Heidi Klum here, though–including a pic of Heidi getting serenaded by Brad Paisley. We mostly were dazzled by the red carpet, though. Check out hostess Kat Dennings, plus amazing turns by Jessica Alba and Malin Akerman. Taylor Swift also dazzled with some awesome sideboob, and don’t forget other People’s Choice faves like Olga Fonda. You get all that and more to ogle below…

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