2015 Oregon Ducks Cheerleaders Hottest Instagram Photos

The Oregon Ducks cheerleaders couldn’t be more excited to root for their team in the 2015 College Football National Championship at AT&T Stadium. This is the big stage that the entire football program–coaches, players, and spirit teams included–have been working towards all year. Similarly, we couldn’t be excited to see them in action. It’s not like Oregon fans are going to need the cheerleaders to get pumped up for such a big game, but no one’s going to be complaining about having them on the field.

You can tell how much being a part of the awesome tradition that is Oregon cheerleading means to these ladies from the great stuff that they’ve been posting to Instagram all year. You can also tell how much fun they have doing it.

We’ve pulled a great selection of the Oregon Ducks cheerleaders’ hottest Instagram photos for you to browse below. And check out their College Football Championship Snapchats here.






College Football Playoffs Championship Cheerleaders [PHOTOS]
College Football Playoffs Championship Cheerleaders [PHOTOS]
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