Jason Dufner Calls Out Cowboys Coach Jason Garrett On Twitter

There were plenty of people watching Sunday’s NFC Wild Card Game between the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys throughout the sports world. One of those people was golfer Jason Dufner. Dufner sent out a series of tweets about the now-famous penalty flag being picked up late in the game. The most interesting tweet however came when Dufner called out Cowboys coach Jason Garrett for a postgame comment. [lead image via Getty Sports / Andrew Redington]
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That is clearly a smackdown to say the least with Dufner telling Garrett to stick to his own sport. In the world of social media however, everything has an opinion on every other sport even if they aren’t playing it. Dufner clearly wanted to tell Garrett however even as a joke that he should stick to his own sport and coaching that.
Dufner later on in another tweet said that he is a Patriots fan and didn’t really care about the flag being picked up on a call that the NFL admitted was blown. It is wild however that Dufner decided he had to come out and call out Garrett for his “if you get a chance to go play at the Masters, you don’t lay up. You go after it.” Hopefully the two can get together when the PGA visits the Dallas area this spring.

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