Georgia Tech Student Indicted For Hacking UGA Network

According to OnlineAthens, Georgia Tech student Ryan Gregory Pickren is in hot water after being charged with felony computer trespassing. Did he steal money or change his grades? Nope. He simply hacked the University of Georgia‘s network during Hate Week–the week before UGA and GT play each other in football–to post a message on everyone’s calendar that would read “Sat., November 29, 2014/ 12:00 pm/ Get Ass Kicked by GT.”

Now he’s facing up to 15 years and a $50,000 fine for a hilarious prank that was removed within the hour.

Thankfully, someone’s set up a GoFundMe page to pay his legal fees, something that I’m sure Georgia Tech alumni will have no problem helping out with.

Seriously Georgia, you’re bigger than this. Drop the charges and get back to doing what you do best–actually kicking Georgia Tech ass. We’re also hoping that a GT alumni would have no problem hiring this guy despite his prior “record.”

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