Bowie State Student Sues Fraternity For Hazing

Bowie State student Kevin Hayes is suing the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity for $3 million for battery, hazing, false imprisonment and gross negligence. Those of you who recognize the name Alpha Phi Alpha as a historically black fraternity probably also know that pledging a historically black fraternity is no laughing matter.
Typically, the pledge process in a BGLO (Black Greek Letter Organization) usually lasts a year–versus a couple of months at an IFC fraternity–is extremely difficult, can be violent, and can be painful. Sh*t, some of these fraternities still brand their brothers. That’s why you see so many NFL players with brands on their arms.
The list of things that Kevin is alleging that the Alpha Phi Alpha brothers doesn’t name branding, but he does list these things in the lawsuit:

• Jewel Shockers (Side Slaps)

• Back Racks (Back Slaps)

• Fat Joes (Chest Slaps)

• Taking “wood” (Paddling)

Crazier still, Kevin still wants to join the fraternity. He claims that he can help rebuild it from the inside.
Importantly for Bowie State lawyers, the lawsuit claims that the alleged hazing incidents happened off-campus.

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