These Are The Guns Bobby Shmurda Was Arrested With

Update: Bobby’s plead “not guilty” to Conspiracy in the Second Degree. Bail is set at $2 million and it’s reported his record label with pay the bail. There are also some hilarious Bobby Shmurda memes you need to see.

Bobby Shmurda Arrest

Bobby Shmurda, the rapper behind the hit track “Hot N*gga,” was arrested with what the cops are claiming was a whole lotta contraband–including $52K worth of crack, a pound of marijuana, $40K in cash, 3 hand guns, and an assault rifle.

Bobby was arrested while he was waiting in his car outside of Quad Studios, the same place Tupac was ambushed by three shooters.

Bobby Shmurda Charges

There are a lot of charges against Bobby. Here’s a photo depicting the charges against him and his boy, Rowdy Rebel.

Bobby Shmurda Guns

While the NYPD haven’t shown us a photo of the assault rifle they claim they nabbed, here’s what they say they took during their raid of the GS9’s (G Stone 90’s–a Crip-affiliated gang) including one of the craziest looking pistols I’ve ever seen, a gun from the future, and a gun from the Civil War.


The two guns you see at the top are what the NYPD are claiming Bobby Shmurda was arrested holding. Here’s a better closeup of that massive one on the right. The funniest part is that it’s huge and is only a .22. It’s a Beretta U22 Neos.


Additionally, the GS9’s–who were part of a longterm investigation–were caught with all this firepower. What’s up with that gun from the future on the bottom right, and the Civil War gun above it?

I’ll tell you what they’re about. The future gun is a Ruger LC9 and the cricket is .22 revolver from North American Arms.


The GS9’s aka the G-Stone 90’s

Here’s a list of everyone that the NYPD says was a part of the GS9s. You can actually either see or hear about most of these guys in his song, “Hot N*gga.”

Check out Rap Genius for the deets. Suddenly, naming everyone in his crew doesn’t seem like such a good idea. Especially when the police are directly quoted as saying that his lyrics helped them piece their case together.

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