'Until Dawn' Trailer: Hayden Panettiere Holds On To Her Towel in PlayStation Thriller [VIDEO]

Until Dawn is coming out for PlayStation, and the game has brought in a hot leading lady in Hayden Panettiere. Well, she’s actually the leading lady for as long as you can keep her alive. That isn’t for very long in this Until Dawn PlayStation Playthrough. You would think that a blonde would know better than to take a bath when she’s in a video game that features a psycho killer right out of the Saw playbook.
We don’t think that counts as a spoiler. After all, this is barely seven minutes of a playthrough. Nobody’s expecting a happy ending. What you get, however, is a really creepy tale of a gal (mo-capped by Hayden) who gets out of her tub and discovers that she’s the next target of a guy who looks like this…

So check out the action, but don’t expect for Hayden’s towel to slip off during this game. That towel is the most determined fabric in the world. It looks like Hayden could wear that thing in a hurricane without it budging. That’s the problem with this damn CGI. No room for real-world errors. Anyway, the game looks cool, and Hillary looks great…
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=InhV7glyMl0]

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