Big Ten May Not Have Enough Bowl Spots For Eligible Teams

Big Ten Bowl Games

Sunday will have the announcements of the 2014-15 college football bowl schedule. This season however, there have been too many teams that are bowl eligible and it means that someone is going to be left out with 80 teams eligible for 76 spots. The Big Ten has already sent out a memo to their athletic directors stating there may not be enough spots for the conference’s teams.

The Big Ten has ten teams that are bowl eligible this year–and with Ohio State and Wisconsin playing in the conference championship game on Saturday, one or both of them could end up in New Year’s Day bowls. There is also 10-2 Michigan State, who could end up in one of the big bowl games. There is likely going to be a team like Illinois or Penn State, who both finished 6-6, who don’t make it to a bowl game if things don’t fall the right way.

For those teams, they need Wisconsin to beat Ohio State which could allow Michigan State in the New Year’s Six games which would likely open up enough spots. There are going to be some very nervous people this weekend. They won’t know if the season is actually over, or if a team will get one final chance to hit the field in 2014.

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