Aaron Paul Releases ‘Yo, Bitch!’ App Just In Time for Christmas [VIDEO]

Aaron Paul Yo, Bitch! App

Aaron Paul has released a “Yo, Bitch!” app just in time for the holidays, and let’s think about this for a minute. Our first thought was, “Aaron, you’re a respected actor who probably should quit milking this Breaking Bad thing and start concentrating on your film career, because most people don’t know that Need for Speed was a huge box-office hit, and we just saw you in Exodus: Gods and Kings last night, and you were great.”

But then we remembered that people probably ask Aaron Paul to call them a bitch about 5,000 times a day. Now he can tell them to just buy his app, and you can hear Aaron Paul delivering all kinds of variations on the word “bitch,” and now Aaron Paul will make some more money.

We like the idea of Aaron Paul making more money. He’s a cool guy, so check out the “Yo, Bitch!” app–and now, yeah, it’s the Breaking Bad “bitch” supercut again…

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