Minnesota Twins' Torii Hunter Insults a Reporter in a Perfectly Reasonable Way [VIDEO]

It was supposedly to be a joyous day in the Twin Cities on Wednesday with Torii Hunter returning to the Minnesota Twins–where, after al, he began his career. However, the fun ended when a reporter asked Hunter a political question. Hunter responded with some choice words of his own.
The beat writer was asking about Hunter’s endorsement of new Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson. Specifically, the reporter was asking about Hutchinson’s views on same-sex marriage. Hunter wasn’t happy with the questions and said, “It’s not even baseball related. We can do that later, when I retire.” Hunter kind of had a point. Also, it was kind of creepy to hear the reporter trying to pressure Hunter by saying that a refusal to answer the reporter meant that Torii isn’t an “open, honest guy.”
There are going to be plenty of fans who flock to Target Field next summer to see Hunter back where he spent the first 11 years of his career. We can’t really fault the guy for not wanting to talk about much else–and it is kind of nice to see a baseball player being so amiable about insulting a reporter. We may not agree with Torri’s opinion on gay marriage, but, yeah, the guy has a point about this Mike guy…
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFXmrXT8B7U]

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