Jean Claude Van Damme Returning for 'Kickboxer' Remake — Almost as Badass as His Dancing GIFs

Jean Claude Van Damme is in the midst of a big comeback, even if The Expendables 2 didn’t exactly bring him back to being a leading man. The legendary Belgian kickboxer has still been on the verge of a revival since playing himself in 2008’s surprisingly dour JCVD. That helped to make Jean Claude Van Damme seem like less than a punchline. Now he’s really returning to his roots with a reboot of Kickboxer. The original was a big hit for Van Damme back in 1989, and now the ’80s (and ’90s) action hero looks set to mentor a hot newcomer.

That’s reason enough to honor Jean Claude Van Damme with a look at some of his greatest roles. Well, his greatest roles featured some great fight choreography. We’re more interested in Jean Claude Van Damme’s amazing dance scenes. The guy has always been able to bust a move–and that’s been the case ever since he made his big-screen debut in 1984’s Breakin’

Yeah, that’s Jean Claude Van Damme in a real nothing role. He was literally an extra standing on the sidelines, and yet still managed to get breakin’ to the front of the crowd. That scene started a career that’s given us plenty of Jean Claude Van Damme’s funniest GIFs. There’s a reason that the guy became an international movie star. Take a look at how the Muscles from Brussels boogied his way to stardom with Jean Claude Van Damme’s greatest dance GIFs….

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