NBA To Feature New York-Styled Uniforms For All-Star Game

2015 NBA All-Star Game Adidas Uniforms

The 2015 NBA All-Star Game will be held in the New York area with the game itself being played at Madison Square Garden on Feb. 15. Adidas unveiled the uniform design for the game early Tuesday morning with the uniforms being based on New York City basketball. There are some changes there that may confuse fans along the way though.

There will be no East or West on the uniform and the player’s full name will be on the back of the jersey. It is a very different way of doing things to say the least with more New York City touches with the warmup jackets and other apparel. Adidas will begin selling the All-Star apparel to the public beginning in January.

The key will be whether or not fans can figure out which team they are cheering for. There will be traditional pieces to the uniforms but it is still a major change. There is still two months until the All-Star Game to figure out who will be there but when they get there, it will be a major fashion statement that is made by the players of the NBA.

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