Cyber Monday: 10 Favorite Deals on Amazon

If you’re looking for the best Black Friday 2014 TV deals–a staple of any store’s big sales–you’ve come to right place. Whether you’re looking for a massive 75-inch HD TV for 30% off, or a just a cheap 50″ flatscreen for just over $200, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. These televisions are the best Black Friday deals worth waiting in line for.

Keep in mind that none of the televisions listed here are 4K UHD TVs, if you’re looking for those please take a peek at our “5 Best 4K TV Deals this Black Friday“.
It’s also important to note that (unless noted) these deals will require you to actually be at a physical store to pick the televisions up.

Canon PowerShot S110 12MP Digital Camera

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Original Price: $299.99

Black Friday Deal: $159.99

You Save: $139.01

We know that our cell phones are supposed to be total television studios nowadays, but this deal can still make some social media maniac very happy. The built-in WiFi allows users to load things instantly, and the mic is sensitive to a fault. This has been the best value at under $300 for a while. This sale really makes it a good investment. Or a gift.

Star Wars Science Darth Maul Lightsaber Room Light

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Original Price: $29.99

Black Friday Deal: $14.99

You Save: $15

We know that the Force Awakens trailer can’t completely take away the pain of the Star Wars prequels, but it’s still okay to celebrate the legacy of Darth Maul and the coolest image from the ’90s movies. This is kind of reasonably priced, anyway, and you’ll find other Light Saber deals on Amazon today–but this is the one that we use at home.

HP 11-2010nr 11.6-Inch Chromebook

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Original Price: $279.99

Black Friday Deal: $149.99

You Save: $130

We’re already on record as loving our Chromebooks–mostly because we like to have a veritable laptop that we won’t feel too terrible about if we accidentally leave it in a cab while we’re drunk. Your loved ones will cherish it more as a gift. This offer is only available in the Snow White color, but it looks cool.

Samsung 32-Inch Smart LED TV

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Original Price: $399.99

Black Friday Deal: $247.99

You Save: $152.00

We measure an Amazon deal against the best prices of Amazon’s third-party dealers, along with the used merchandise. That’s why w felt ripped off by most of Amazon’s alleged sales this past weekend on a few items. But this imposing LED TV is a really solid bargain at a price that’s cheaper than any used or refurbished versions. Buy in confidence, folks.

MEElectronics Air Fi Runaway Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

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Original Price: $99.99

Black Friday Deal: $47.99

You Save: $52

We’re usually suspicious of spending big bucks on headphones, and especially suspicious when we’re spending big bucks on headphones for other people. This set is still a real bargain at this price. These headphones provide better sound than with a Beats set, and you’ll really be making a Mac or iPhone user very happy. Comfortable, too.

SwissGear Wenger Backpack

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Original Price: $140

Black Friday Deal: $35

You Save: $105

There’s a good case to be made against using backpacks in certain urban environments–but we’re still getting two of these SwissGear Wenger Backpacks, because sometimes we need one, and we know plenty of people who could use something this sturdy, too. It’s a great chance to go upscale on an item that’s more important than we like to admit. Your loved ones will be very happy with this for everyday use, and will be particularly grateful when it’s time to pack for a flight.

Black & Decker 8-Cup Food Processor

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Original Price: $49.99

Black Friday Deal: $24.99

You Save: $25

It’s time to help your friends grow up, and this is an inexpensive way to jumpstart them into the life of a person who can actually get things done in the kitchen. A food processor handles all of the tough things that usually keep guys from taking on home cooking, anyway. This model from Black & Decker is really good at taking care of irritating tasks. You’ll be making the world a better place with one kitchen gadget that really won’t be collecting dust.

Slinky 3-Pack

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Original Price: $15.99

Black Friday Deal: $6.12

You Save: $9.87

Not everybody in your life warrants a gift under the tree, but it’s still nice to make some kind of gesture. We’re picking up a few of these Slinky 3-Packs to have fun gifts to hand over to a few favorite bartenders and more. You still have to tip the doorman in cash, though.

Remington Mustache, Beard, and Stubble Trimmer

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Original Price: $34.99

Black Friday Deal: $22.49

You Save: $12.50

This is the best price that we’ve ever seen on the best trimmer around–by which we mean a solidly built product with a long-lasting battery and seriously tough construction. Your pals don’t have to be some kind of beardos to appreciate the versatility of this gift, either. It’s a great price on the kind of thing that they don’t know they need.

Black & Decker Drill/Driver

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Original Price: $54.06

Black Friday Deal: $26.88

You Save: $27.18

It’s time to get really thoughtful with something that guys never think to pick up for themselves–mostly because they think guys need drills to build their own homes. Nobody ever thinks about how great a good power drill is for everyday uses around the house. This is a particularly good model that you can pick up for the same price as a gag gift. There’s no greater gift than showing your friends that you’ve outgrown the gag gifts.

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