Tampa Bay Rays Could End Up In Montreal If New Stadium Plan Falls Through

There has been talk about how bad attendance has been for the Tampa Bay Rays for a long time now. It would appear that there is another option possibly on the table with a city that used to have a Major League Baseball team. Now we have reports that–while the Rays are still looking into new sites around the Tampa Bay area–there’s the possibility that the team could move to Montreal. [photo: David Maxwell/Getty]
This doesn’t mean that the team is going to be heading to Montreal anytime soon but there is obviously a lot of interest there after getting huge crowds for exhibition games. The problem lays in whether or not Montreal would build a new stadium or not. Olympic Stadium was one of the reasons why the Expos left to go to Washington.
The French language newspaper La Presse also reported this spring that Rays officials met with people in Montreal according to the Fox Sports story. It would appear that the Rays are going to get their clearance to look around Tampa Bay first and they could easily just stay there but it sounds like the Montreal option could be opening up again. Someone needs to get Youppi! on the phone.

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