Free Bills-Jets Tickets Being Scalped For $125 In Detroit

free bills jet tickets detroit $125 scalpers

With the Buffalo Bills having to leave town to play their game against the New York Jets at Detroit’s Ford Field on Monday night, the Lions made free tickets available for the game and had hoped to sell the 500 free tickets for five hours on Sunday. Within 10 minutes though, all the free tickets were gone and people were scalping them for $125 apiece. [photo: Leon Halip/Getty]

It brings about the biggest problem with an event like this. If this game is in Buffalo, there would have been no free tickets to get. In this day and age of everyone looking for a profit though, any chance to make a few dollars or $125 will be taken even if the tickets were supposed to be free so maybe fans who can’t afford to go normally could do it.

There was a bit of hospitality given by the Lions organization to let the Bills play at Ford Field. There probably was no reason to try to make a dollar off the tickets. With the Bills already in Detroit, it’s too bad that the Thanksgiving game on Thursday won’t be between the two teams as what could have happened with the normal NFL schedule rotation. Buffalo wouldn’t have needed to leave town after the game then and those scalpers would have had nowhere else to go to make a buck.

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