NFL Games Are 28 Of Top 30 Television Shows This Season

nfl-games television ratings 2014 season

Many people thought that NFL fans would begin to tune out the game with all the recent off the field issues. However, the league announced on Thursday that 28 of the top 30 TV shows during this fall season have been football games–with just Game 7 of the World Series and an episode of NCIS on CBS as the exceptions to the rule.

The top 11 most-watched events are all NFL games. It has become apparent that fans will watch football no matter what is going on off the field. It is also becoming colder and colder in many parts of the country so the ratings are only going to go up as fans stay inside to avoid the winter weather. The only thing that has stopped the NFL from looking like a complete monopoly is AMC’s The Walking Dead.

That show has beaten Sunday Night Football for three straight weeks in the key 18-to-49 year old demographic. That could be in large part to the blowouts that Sunday night games have become as well. The NFL is proving once again that they are the only game in town on Sundays for people and obviously everyone is watching with fantasy football being such a big thing as well to keep televisions tuned in.

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