Buffalo Bills Looking For People To Shovel After Massive Snowstorm

Buffalo Bills Snowstorm

The Buffalo area has been dumped on by over four feet of snow and with the Bills scheduled to play at home this Sunday against the New York Jets, the team is looking for help. The Bills are still looking for people to come to Ralph Wilson Stadium to help shovel it out for $10 an hour along with free game tickets. It is still yet to be determined whether or not the game will actually be played on Sunday, though. 

There are still traffic restrictions and another two feet of snow coming but if fans wanted to see a pro game knowing that they didn’t have to pay for it and don’t live near Green Bay, this is the chance they have waited for. It will be part of the biggest snow cleanup ever especially looking at the stadium from a Tweet sent out by the team on Wednesday…

Buffalo Bills Snowstorm Twitter

Some fans will be willing to travel into Buffalo probably just to see the massive snow for themselves and while call volume is high, there were still open shoveling spots available as of Thursday morning. It’s only a matter of time however until it is better-known when the shoveling can actually begin with even more snow on the way. It’s going to take a lot for the game to actually kick off on time Sunday at 1 p.m. Eastern however.

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