8 Ways To Relive College During Homecoming, As Alumni

You made it through college in four years* and have a diploma in your possession. It was four years of shotgunning, one night stands and streaking that you can never get back.
However, on one weekend of the year, you get to return to the old stomping grounds of your university to hopefully recreate Animal House for one last time. It’s called Homecoming and it’s awesome. Although a few too many beers may convince you that you are still a current member of your fraternity, the age on your ID may say otherwise. Here are 8 ways to relive your college days without getting arrested for public nudity, pedophilia or fighting a townie.

1. Start early–mimosas and bloody marys for all beginning at 10 am.

2. Steal something- fraternities are notoriously famous for holding hostage street signs, traffic cones, and sorority composite pictures. It wouldn’t be a night at college unless you had something to remember it by.

3. Eat late night food at one of the places you used to back in the day. Late night college food stops specialize in an over 2,000 calorie menu sopping with grease.

4. Buy a round of shots (or two or three)- you most likely schemed in college of how to get the most alcohol for the least amount of money, but now you have at least a handful of cash in your own bank account that you can show off.

5. Take a shot of Vlad, Taaka or Barton’s–because this is the only place where it is remotely acceptable to drink rubbing alcohol willingly.

6. Sing drunken karaoke at the bar or pull out your old dancing moves because you have absolutely no idea who ¾ of the people that surround you are.

7. Leave the house party at 1 AM. Sweaty basements are great, but don’t be that creepy old guy. Stick to the bars to be sure you won’t be going back with a girl to her dorm room and twin-size bed.

8. Stop at Dunkin Donuts Sunday morning for a large iced water because no hangover was ever cured without one.

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