Study Abroad Exposed: Tel Aviv, Israel

In every college students life there is a time when they can pretty much forget about taking those tough college cores and instead focus on what’s really important: partying in a new country and traveling the world. This time is the coveted semester abroad. Whether you’re going to Europe, Asia, or Australia you can use this semester to find that hot foreign chick you’ve been dying to meet or try that German beer you’ve read about. We’ve come up with some of the best places to begin your wild adventure; but read with caution because you may never want to leave! This is “Study Abroad Exposed!
When deciding where to study abroad, Israel may not be the first country that comes to mind. But after an amazing visit and many wild stories Tel Aviv definitely is on our top list! Tel Aviv is the place to be when you’re young and looking for a fun laid-back environment to live in. This city is so relaxing that people forget there are any rules to guide your behavior over here. From long beaches, to delicious restaurants to rowdy parties, Tel Aviv knows how to lure people in with its carefree energy.


Tel Aviv is known to be the Ibiza of the Middle East. This city a playground for beautiful, young internationals and locals and has the coolest scene ever. Forbes even called it “the city that never sleeps”, competing with Manhattan itself! The nightlife vibe here is casual and sexy which is exactly why people never want to leave.
– One of the most famous clubs in Tel Aviv is Clara Club. Clara is beachfront and boasts a huge dance floor right on the shoreline. The vibe here is total partying with hundreds of internationals making there way over. The DJs play loud house music that will get you and your friends ready to rage all night.
– If you’re looking for a more casual, intimate spot to spend the night, check out Foster Bar. This place has been kept a neighborhood secret by the locals because of the cozy environment. Foster has couches lining the bar and a big TV screen to play sporting events. It’s known to have the best music in town—a mixture of rock and roll, EDM, and pop. So next time you want to get drunk for a big game or chill at a cool bar, go to Foster.
– The third spot on our list is for all of you looking to feel lavish or impress that new girl with a table looking over the city: Sublet Roof Bar. Sublet looks over the amazing beaches of Tel Aviv and the décor is sleek and modern. The energy here goes all night long and is somewhere in between a dance club and lounge. You’ll never get tired of the beautiful women that flock here.


I think it’s safe to say that the best food I’ve ever had has been in Tel Aviv. I tried everything in this city because I just knew it would be delicious. Falafels, Shawarma, Pita sandwiches and hummus at every meal… come on. Although you can literally walk into any restaurant and get a great meal, here are the top 4 that you can’t miss!

– Raphael (Mediterranean)

– Abu Hasan (Best hummus in the world)

– Falafel Hakosem (Fast-food type; best falafel in the city)

– Kitchen Market (On the port, fancy)


Tel Aviv is a city full of events, historical sites, and places to see. What it’s most famous for, however, are its wild beach parties. Tel Aviv was ranked as the number 1 “best beach party spot on the planet” on—beating Ibiza, Goa, and Phuket!

No matter what day it is, you’ll always fine the vibrant Gordon Beach, in the center of the Tel Aviv beach strip, packed with beautiful tourists and locals looking for a good time. The beach is the place where the news spreads of what everyone will be doing that night. Before you know it, you’ll be spending everyday lounging in the sand with a beer in your hand. Come night, you’ll be partying till 6 am at one of the shoreline parties with that girl you met at Gordon during the day.

Photo Ops

Before leaving Tel Aviv you’re phone will be filled with hundreds of pictures that you just couldn’t resist taking. There are so many sick places to go here and you won’t want to forget any of them!
The old city of Jaffa has the coolest winding streets that you’ll get tons of pics in. Every day in Tel Aviv is a beach day, so make sure you’ve been working out before taking those action shots on the famous beaches.
Go for a bike ride on the Tel Aviv Promenade that’s right off the shore!
And of course, in Israel you can’t miss the historical and religious sites like St. Michael’s Church in Jaffa.


– Movies that take place there (You Don’t Mess with The Zohan)

– Instagram locations (Jaffa Flea markets, Tel Aviv port, night clubs)

– Weather (Relatively hot all-year-round, very hot and sunny springs and summers, chilly winters)

– Attitude towards American guys (A lot of internationals in Israel, all very friendly and welcoming)

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