Wade Davis' Wife Tipped A Waiter With A World Series Ticket

[photo: Jamie Squire/Getty]

The most popular person in the Kansas City area today isn’t a member of the Kansas City Royals–especially after losing Game 1 of the World Series last night. Katelyn Davis is a local hero, though. A server at the Rock & Brews Overland Park scored the tip of a lifetime after a meal from the wife of Royals pitcher Wade Davis. She left a ticket to Game 1 as the tip, and the server ended up getting the night off to leave for the game. 

It was very nice to see that gesture be made especially with a ticket that was going for over $500 online heading into the World Series. The biggest problem is that now every server around Kansas City is going to be looking for Davis’ wife hoping that she shows up in their restaurant before Wednesday’s Game 2 hoping for another free ticket to show up. There would be worse ways to give back to the Kansas City community that’s suffered for so long waiting for a chance to win another championship.

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