Stuff The Intern Forgot: Los Angeles Skyline Is About To Change [Links]

Los Angeles Skyline Is About To Change

Los Angeles is a great city, but it isn’t exactly known for its skyline – and one of the reasons for that is Regulation 10, which says that buildings must have helicopter landing pads on top of them. According to our friends over at Newser the fire department decided to drop the rule last month, because only once in the rule’s 40 years of existence has a helicopter actually picked people up from a roof. From now on, buildings more than 75 feet tall must have an extra firefighter elevator, a third set of stairs, and video surveillance outside each new elevator. To read the full story, CLICK HERE.

And here are some more intriguing links that our air-headed intern forgot to post… (Not you Dani, you’re doing a great job).

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