Boston Celtics, Brooklyn Nets Played That Experimental 44-Minute Game

Sunday brought a new experiment to the NBA as the Brooklyn Nets and Boston Celtics played a 44-minute game as opposed to the normal 48 minutes. Boston took home a 95-90 win during a game that was played in less than two hours which is nearly a half-hour shorter than a normal game. It’s a big idea that the NBA might want to keep considering. [photo: Lintao Zhang/Getty]
The score of that game shows that fans will get to see just as much offense as they would in a normal game. They may even see more of their favorite players on the court if there were four fewer minutes of game action. This is something that isn’t going to the NBA this season or probably anytime soon but could be coming to the NBA Developmental League sooner than later.
Players would prefer fewer games over a full season than a shortened game, but it’s something that can be done in the preseason to see if it would actually work. It would appear that a shortened game would be just fine. The idea of a shorter season is already there actually with the shortened game since it could cut up to seven games off the season in game time. More research will be needed on this one.

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