Mississippi State Vs. Auburn, & We’re Cheering Their Cheerleaders [PICS]

Mississipi State Cheerleaders

You know that we hate to choose sides here at COED when it comes to college teams–and we even have at least one serious Auburn fan here in the offices who’s cheering for the Tigers to win big against the underdogs of Mississippi State. But let’s just consider that we’re coming off a weekend where Ole Miss beat the Crimson Tide against all odds. It’d be pretty cool if Mississippi State managed the same against Alabama’s biggest rivals, right?

And we’ve noticed that Mississippi State isn’t exactly the underdogs that they would’ve ben before last week. Most experts are predicting a win for Auburn, but there’s a good reason that a few are thinking that Mississippi State can really surprise the fans. And we know those fans will be worked up with the gals of the Mississippi State cheerleading squad. Check them out–and then check out the rest of the lovely ladies cheering on this weekend’s big games, including the lovely ladies of Auburn U…

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