Busted MMA Fighter Mayhem Miller Got Framed By A Freak [PIC]

Look, we’re just saying there’s a chance that Mayhem Miller didn’t really get into a three-hour standoff with a SWAT team in his California home last night. And isn’t it a little too convenient that Mayhem Miller was able to keep everyone up to date via his Twitter account during the encounter that was over three outstanding warrants for┬ásuspicion of domestic violence, criminal contempt, and stalking?
Don’t forget that Miller allegedly tweeted, “I did nothing wrong. This is the state of American Justice. I feel you black men. They fear, so they threaten to take our lives. Abhorrent.” Does that sound like a normal human being? Or does it sound like a really smart freak? Perhaps even a really smart freak from American Horror Story: Asylum?
And don’t forget that Pepper the Pinhead is based on the notorious real-life sideshow attraction Schlitzie–who could still be alive for all we know, because we’re too lazy to check Wikipedia, and who knows how long a gal like Schlitzie could live, anyway? We’re just saying that it’s all too much of a coincidence. Also, we’d like to see a season of American Horror Story done as a police procedural.

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Possibly The Biggest Upset In Basketball History Happened Yesterday [VIDEO]
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