AJ McCarron Is Trying To Backtrack On That Alabama Criticism

AJ McCarron had a very decorated career at the University of Alabama. Now he’s part of the Cincinnati Bengals and is seeing something he doesn’t like about his former team. McCarron said on Tuesday night that Alabama doesn’t have “true leaders like we had last year.” Then he tried to backtrack Wednesday night in a different interview, but the quotes were out there. [Photo: Stacy Revere/Getty]
McCarron believes that the Crimson Tide played “very bland” on offense during their loss against Ole Miss last Saturday and also thinks coach Nick Saban may have “kind of put the handcuffs” on offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin. This is a situation that has irritated many people but maybe McCarron knows what he is talking about or just wants what is best for his old team and can be used as a rallying cry.
McCarron’s job these days is backing up Andy Dalton in Cincinnati. If he gets his chance there and succeeds, maybe more people will pay closer attention to him. He just offered some constructive criticism. The Crimson Tide will have plenty of time to recover from their loss and make the new college football playoff. McCarron will be right there cheering them on no matter what.

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