20 Things You Didn't Know About The Real Murders Behind Horror Movies

Kevin Smith’s recent walrus-man horror movie Tusk is about a man who is turned into a walrus. The opening declares that Tusk is “based on a true story.” It isn’t. We wouldn’t be so sure about the current big box office hit Annabelle, either, even if it is inspired by the testimony of real-life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren regarding a scary doll.
There is, however, a lot of real-life horror in the world, and it’s inspired a lot of horror movies. Check out this Murderer’s Row of creepy crawlers who walked the earth like men (and one woman). They’ve all inspired real horror films that you might be checking out this Halloween. Some of the movies that they’ve inspired are classics. Some of them–including lots of biopics for the serial killer fandom cult–are closer to schlock.
The fact remains, however, that all of these psychos hacked out an evil legacy that’s been immortalized on celluloid. So check out these very real cases that are more disturbing than fiction….

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