I’m Sorry Guys, But We Need To Put Down Garfi AKA “Murder Cat” [PHOTOS]

If you come work here at COED, one of the first things I’ll tell you is that we just don’t publish cat photos here. Sorry, Stu.

The fact of the matter is that cats are like politics or religion–all three of those things have no place on COED. Dogs are fine because dogs are man’s best friend. But cats are just flat-out evil, awful creatures.

Point and case, Garfi. He’s on the front page of Reddit right now and is being billed as the “next Grumpy cat.” That’s bullsh*t. Grumpy Cat is just grumpy. Murder Cat (his real name) is so angry that he’s not just going to kill you, he’s going to nail all the windows and doors to your house shut and light that bitch on fire.

Murder Cat is the kind of cat who was originally owned by a Bond villain, but turns on his owner and kill him because he was too much of a pussy and didn’t skin James Bond alive first.

We need to put Murder Cat down.

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