25 Freakin' Fantastic Real-Life Sideshow "Freaks" [PHOTOS]

A lot of people are looking forward to American Horror Story: Freak Show–but something’s a little different about this new season of the anthology series. American Horror Story has given us ghosts and witches, but Freak Show has a few characters based on certain scary truths. (Apologies to any real witches or ghosts out there.) The freaks of American Horror Story: Freak Show have lots of real-life counterparts. That includes a Lobster Boy (although the one on AHS is more attractive), a Bearded Lady (although our local one at Coney Island is more attractive), and a three-breasted woman.
Well, it seems that the three-breasted woman who was in the news lately is probably a fake. There were fake three-breasted ladies back in olden times, too. The pictures below, however, all feature genuine freaks–and they were¬†out there parading for the public, where nowadays you’re lucky to hit the State Fair and see some four-legged freak of nature in a jar full of formaldehyde.
It’s probably for the best that there aren’t as many freaks around¬†now, of course. You’re still going to see some inspiring pics among the parade of weirdness below. We mean people who triumphed over serious disabilities, and a few who made really good money off their offbeat presence. So line up and marvel at the past before tuning in to a Freak Show tomorrow…

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