Miguel Cabrera May Have Been Joking About Not Taking His Playoff Money

There was plenty of talk on Thursday about a story from USA Today about Miguel Cabrera allegedly not wanting to sign for his playoff share with the Detroit Tigers as he “just wants the ring.” Now it seems that Cabrera was just joking with his teammates when he said that–or maybe it was a case where the MLB players were joking with the reporters who cover the league. [Photo: Jeff Gross/Getty]

In fact, the players may have got the reporter good. Is it possible that they saw the reporter in the locker room, and (between Cabrera and Max Scherzer) decided to put this rumor out there that Cabrera didn’t want a playoff share? He’s making nearly $30 million this season, after all. The story seemed almost believable.

Last year’s playoff share for the World Series champions was over $300,000.That would be just a drop in the bucket for someone like Cabrera, but he could actually just donate whatever playoff money he gets.But, of course, this was all before Detroit’s Game 1 performance in the American League Divisional Series. They lost to the Baltimore Orioles in a 12-3 game. Cabrera may not have to worry about playoff money for long.

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