Ray Rice Video Sent To NFL Headquarters In April; What Happened Then?


The Ray Rice continues to make more twists and turns. It was released by the Associated Press on Thursday that the video of Rice hitting his then-fiancée was sent to NFL headquarters and to the attention of the league’s security chief Jeffrey Miller in April. The league has denied seeing the tape until it was released by TMZ Sports earlier this month.

It is unknown whether or not the package was actually opened and the tape was viewed but it is going to be another black one on the NFL if they did see the tape or obtained the tape and didn’t watch it. Since the tape was released, there have been a series of different reports talking about the Baltimore Ravens response and what the NFL did in one form or another.

There are internal investigations going on but the video being sent to headquarters is a very big deal and one that can’t be ignored. Hopefully for the league’s sake, it will be discovered that the tape wasn’t opened or this case gets much worse for them. Miller had a statement of his own where he also denied seeing or receiving a copy of the video. Where will the next layer lead this story?

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