Halloween Costume Ideas That Scream 2014-And More Morning Links


Procrastination season is upon us. Every year people wait until the last minute to throw together a Halloween costume and most of the time they end up with a terrible costume. Well not this year. Our friends over at The Huffington Post have put together a list of 25 of the most memorable trends, events and memes that happened in 2014, along with costume ideas to go along with them. CLICK HERE and get a head start on your costume this year.

And here are some more interesting links to kick off your Friday morning…

•  The situation blames his family for his tax fraud [TMZ]

•  Kim Jong Un has disappeared [Newser]

•  This 5-year-old kid could probably kick your ass [Radass]

•  Learn your cuts of meat with this “Beef Made Easy” chart [Bro My God]

•  These cheerleaders make college football worth watching [Campus Sports]

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