Long Story Short, NBA 2K15 Is Going To Be Awesome

With exception to the new face technology, you’ll have to forgive us for not giving enough shine to the upcoming NBA 2K15 in the past few months. It’s not because we’re not impressed or excited, it’s because we’ve come to expect the absolute best from this game year in and year out. And from the latest gameplay trailer to come from 2K studios titled “NBA2K15 – Momentous” it looks like we’re in for more dopeness. Here’s what we can tell so far:
• Celebrations look on point: Russell Westbrook does the whole 3-point gun tuck, Carmelo Anthony does the triple tap to his head, etc.
• The crowd looks amazing, complete with Fat Heads.
• Faces are super realistic.
• Graphics on the next-gen systems are ridiculous. NBA2K14 was the first “port” to really take advantage of the systems but 2K15 seems to be even better.
• We’re big fans of the editors of this video because the Knicks get the most shine here (even though one of the cameos is Amare getting schooled, but like we said–“realistic”)

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