College Football Preview Week 5: Cheerleader Edition [PHOTOS]

We’re jumping right into the mix because there are two amazing games kicking off this Thursday. First off you’ve got Texas Tech going up against (24) OK State, two teams fighting for recognition in a wide-open Big-12 Conference. Then you’ve got a big battle on the West Coast–(11) UCLA vs. (15) Arizona State. We’re still trying to figure out if the ASU students are talking about their attire or level of sobriety when they talk about #BlackoutBruins, but the truth is probably somewhere in the middle.

Then you’ve got the weekend games. The common fan would say the Mizzou at (13) South Carolina game is the biggest, but only because that’s where ESPN’s College GameDay is going to be. It’ll be a great watch, we agree, but we’re more excited to see what comes from the Tennessee at (12) Georgia. Not just because of the sorority chicks who’ll be sure to be in attendance but because the two teams are respectively ranked #2 and #3 in championships in the SEC–so there’s a lot of history there.

But enough with history, let’s get to pickin’! Check out this week’s games, kickoff time, and where you can watch them, then vote on which team’s cheerleaders you’ll be rooting for.


Texas Tech at (24) Oklahoma State

(7:30 PM EST | ESPN)

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(11) UCLA at (15) Arizona State

(10:00 PM EST | FOX Sports 1)

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Wyoming at (9) Michigan State

(12:00 PM EST | ESPN 2)

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Tennessee at (12) Georgia

(12:00 PM EST | ESPN)

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South Florida at (19) Wisconsin

(12:00 PM EST | ESPN U)

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UTEP at (25) Kansas State

(12:00 PM EST)

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(1) Florida State University at NC State

(3:30 PM EST | ABC/ESPN 2)

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Arkansas at (6) Texas A&M

(3:30 PM EST | CBS)

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Louisiana Tech at (5) Auburn

(4:00 PM EST | SEC Network)

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(16) Stanford at Washington

(4:15 PM EST | FOX)

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Cincinnati at (22) Ohio State University

(6:00 PM EST | ESPN)

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Missouri at (13) South Carolina

(7:00 PM EST | ESPN)

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Memphis at (10) Ole Miss

(7:30 PM EST)

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New Mexico State at (17) LSU

(7:30 PM EST | SEC Network)

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(7) Baylor at Iowa State

(8:00 PM EST | FOX)

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(8) Notre Dame vs Syracuse

(8:00 PM EST | ABC)

[polldaddy poll=8332086]

Illinois at (21) Nebraska

(9:00 PM EST | BTN)

[polldaddy poll=8332089]

Oregon State at (18) USC

(10:30 PM EST | ESPN)

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