SEC Lands 7 Teams In The Top 15 Of Latest AP College Football Poll

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The latest Associated Press college football poll came out on Sunday with a shocking number of teams from the Southeastern Conference in the top 25. The SEC had seven teams in the top 15 of the poll including five in the top 10 with Alabama, Auburn, Texas A&M, LSU and Ole Miss for the second straight week. It is going to lead to some interesting debates in the coming weeks.

The SEC has shown that it is the top conference in all of college football but having this many teams in the top 15 is just ridiculous. They are going to beat up on each other as the conference season continues on. The Aggies for example play five ranked teams during their final six games of the season including a Thanksgiving Night game against LSU.

It shouldn’t be forgotten either that Missouri is No. 18 so the conference has eight teams in the top 18. It looks like the SEC is going to either find a way to get two teams into the new college football playoff or is going to beat each other up so much that none make it. That’s highly unlikely, though. It’s just another week where the college football world has to look at the SEC and shake their heads.


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