Wayward Nation Crew Builds A Mud House, Adds Mud Wrestling [VIDEO]

We didn’t know that you could build a really cool home out of straw bales–and neither did the guys of the Ora.tv’s series Wayward Nation.  But that’s why Mikey McManus and Ethan Amarant (along with their crew) first hit the road in this documentary series. They’re looking for people who are out to change the world and do inspiring things.
In the case of Community Rebuilds visionary Emily Niehaus, the Wayward Nation gang found a revolution in housing. The location is Moab, Utah–which might be an ideal place to build a really solid house that’s built out of mud and bales of straw. That sounds scary to us, too, but the Wayward Nation crew gets to work as part of the Community Rebuilds’ army of volunteer workers.
And since we’re talking about the men of Wayward Nation, that also includes lots of bonding over the plentiful mud of Moab. You’re getting mud wrestling, and a Straw Bale Toss Competition, and the usual mix of general weirdness while some really useful things get done. Watch the video and get inspired by the Community Rebuilds philosophy.
The houses look really cool, too, but the Wayward Nation won’t be settling down in one. Instead, they’ll be off on new adventures that’ll get you feeling fine about the future…
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