Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Didn't See Any 49ers Fans Yesterday

When Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones opened his huge, new AT&T Stadium a few years ago, it was thought that the Cowboys would have a huge homefield advantage. During Sunday’s season-opening loss to the San Francisco 49ers, a large portion of the crowd was wearing San Francisco gear.  Jones, however, claimed that he didn’t notice it.  [photo: Christian Petersen/Getty]
That’s hard to believe. The colors of the 49ers are so much different than the Cowboys that the sea of red in the stands should have been very noticeable. Jones wasn’t really pleased that he was asked about it, either, saying he “was looking at the game.” There is enough down time during a NFL game however to look around the stands and see what is out there. Especially considering that the Dallas Cowboys’ female fans are looking better than the team this season.
Dallas got hammered by the 49ers in the first half and lost 28-17. Jones could have spent halftime seeing all the red in his fancy stadium. The Cowboys have a lot of work to do on the field and Jones has a lot to do off the field. It may begin with finding a way to get more Dallas fans into the seats and not let the other team get an advantage from having more of their fans cheering than the home team.

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