Afghan Whigs Revisit Classic College-Rock With "Gentlemen" Reissue

Some people will feel very old over the Afghan Whigs’ celebrating the 21st anniversary of the release of Gentlemen with a new deluxe edition–but Rhino Record‘s October 28th release will also be a valuable download to a lot of young men who need the timeless wisdom of this classic college-rock album.
Gentlemen was a big shock to the indie-rock’s systemic takeover of radio back in 1993. There wasn’t anything heartbroken about Greg Dulli’s growling vocals. Instead, Gentlemen was music for guys who weren’t looking to get into a relationship. The Afgham Whigs’ skipped sentimentality and concentrated on the trauma of guys trying to negotiate a sexual wonderland without ending up like total dicks.
Gentlemen still ended up being an album about being a dick. Grown-up relationships are like that. Things haven’t gotten any easier over the past 21 years, either. Smart feminists could run with this Gentlemen reissue as part of a rape culture debate. Gentlemen remains an important document that separates the boyish men from boys who can handle rough relationships in a mature manner.
There’s a very physical 2-CD set at $19.98, with a digital download set for $14.99–plus a simpler take on the remastered vinyl LP for $24.98. That second disc (or other album expansions) is loaded with demos and live takes for even more variations on the Afghan Whigs’ words of wisdom. It’s a big deal, and the Whigs (pretty much in their original lineup) can even take pride in knowing that they’re revisiting their greatness while coming off some fine new work with Do to the Beast.
They’ve been putting on some great live shows, too,. Check out their official site for more of those–and enjoy the vintage sounds of Gentlemen’s (sort of) title track here, and imagine how this must have sounded at the height of mopey indie-rock…

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