This Collection of Wake-Up Pranks Will Keep You Up at Night [VIDEO]

Wake-up pranks are much a part of the college experience as going to an 8 a.m. class with a hangover, maxing out a credit card that’s not in your name and waking up in a strange place with your hair carrying some kind of odd odor. We’ve found a super cut video that put together the best wake-up pranks to give you some new ideas on how to give your roommate or fellow heavy sleeper the wake-up call they never wanted.
Sure, all the classics are in there like the “dosing your sleeping mate with a bucket of water” gag and the “scaring the holy hell out of a sleeping traveling companion” bit but there are a few creative extras in this video that makes it worth sharing. Some very sick minds found some interesting new ways to wake people out of a deep sleep by using a pair of cymbals, some very disturbing masks and even a working chainsaw.
Of course, turn around is fair game and if you actually use one of these pranks on one of your sleeping buddies, there’s a good chance they might turn around and do the same to you. So you might want to keep this video under wraps unless you don’t mind starting a wake-up prank war with one of your dumb little buddies. Check out the full super cut of wake-up pranks below in the embedded video…
After watching this and the latest American Horror Story promos, we may never get another good night’s sleep again.

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