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Some Colleges Are Being Screened for the Ebola Virus — Just Because


Colleges Ebola

Some college students who are part of exchange programs that require them to travel overseas are raising concerns about the threat of the Ebola virus. Now some colleges are testing students to make sure that the virus hasn’t sneaked across the ocean. [alarmist photo: ChinaFotoPress/Getty]

The Associated Press reported that colleges are starting to do some heavy testing on students traveling back from West Africa to make sure they haven’t been infected with the deadly Ebola virus that has to started to resurface across parts of the continent. The latest estimates show that over 10,000 students are in parts of West Africa affected by the virus such as Nigeria, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. Thousands of students are making their way back to the United States and colleges are starting to conduct medical tests and health monitoring to ensure that they aren’t bringing the disease back with them to their college campuses.

Of course, there’s no major reason for alarm. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention haven’t issued any specific warnings, or reasons to be concerned that the virus is spreading stateside. However, they are keeping an eye on the situation because there is no known vaccine to treat it. Don’t let that alarm you, either.

So far, colleges are monitoring the body temperature of students arriving from West Africa to determine if they have a fever that has yet to break, one of the first symptoms of the virus. Some colleges are also preparing their own “precautionary plans” and the American College Health Association recommended that colleges update their emergency contingency plans just in case the worst happens.

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