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Cops Catch a Wanted Guy Doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


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Just about everyone of your Facebook friends have posted a video of themselves doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in which an ice cold bucket of water is dumped over their heads in the name of charity. One such video led to the arrest of a man wanted for a parole violation.

Police in Omaha, Nebraska arrested 20-year-old Jesean Morris who had evaded the cops for violating the terms of his parole but investigators caught up to him when they spotted him online doing the Ice Bucket Challenge. Morris was on parole after serving a jail sentence for aggravated assault with a firearm and a warrant was issued when he violated the terms of that parole sentence. The local cops had trouble tracking the guy down until they came across the video thanks to a tipster who provided the link to them. The tipster also identified the house where the challenge took place. Officers conducted surveillance on┬áthe house and saw the suspect entering a vehicle. Police conducted a traffic stop, confirmed Morris’ identity and took him into custody. Morris allegedly tried to give officers a fake name when they first approached him and when they took him into custody, he also kicked out a partition in the cops’ squad car and spat at one of the officers in the face.

So all of you haters out there who say that the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge doesn’t really do anything good for society can officially shut the hell up already.

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